Lose weight forever

Are you willing to WIN the weight battle and to regain your body weight in less than few weeks without starving or workouts?

Even if you have or you know somebody with this issue, this life lesson is an ESCAPE FROM ROUTINE!

Think about how will be if from now eating pizza, ice cream, and chocolate will be part of a diet plan?

What you already know is that foods and exercise are one of the proven methods for effective, sustained weight loss; but this also comes with a price… daily activities, hours at the gym, restrictive diet plan, food that you love, and you can`t eat, does it sounds familiar to you?

BUT what if you knew that keeping a diet and in the meanwhile, you don`t need to do exercises and more than that you can still eat all your favorite food without starving yourself?

You will now wonder what diet does such a thing?

Well, let me tell you this… I have tried a couple of diets, but nothing compares with the diet I will talk about in a short time.

Don`t you think it is something that deserves a few minutes from your time to find out how this can be possible?

You are capable

I know one thing …we live in a prescription-happy society, and this is where all the trouble begins…this is where my problem started.

First of all, let me introduce myself… My name is Karissa*, and I want to share with you the story of my life and why I have decided to make this diet as known as possible.

What I thought to pass a few years ago it makes it think twice before I see a doctor.

I have 32 years old now, but I was young enough when all those happen.

16 years old seems like an age to go to doctors? Well, it wasn`t, because I was feeling young, energetic and without health problems.

Let me show you how life can change dramatically because of the lack of information.

Today we have mass media, the internet, and lots of magazines. But is this enough?


Because all these sources, most of them are intended only to make you buy something for their profit.

And you remain with what?

As information - with nothing but with a big hole in your pockets. All lies and suppositions that doesn't do anything for you.

That also happens in my case. I read in a magazine that over 14 years old everybody, women and men should do a routine check to prevent body damage and other diseases.

My father is a doctor, and after I told him what I read, he decides to go with me for that check to someone he knows.

All good until then …

I remember it was a rainy day in September when we go to see that doctor. Can't forget this face: big blue eyes with gray hair and a round face. It wasn't a very friendly face and did not inspire my confidence, but if my father believed in him, I thought also.

Big mistake, actually it ruined my life.

He started that exam. First, he decided to check the inner organs. It goes all good with my liver, lung, intestine, stomach, kidneys.

But when it comes to heart something wrong appear on his monitor.

He decided to send me over to make an EKG also and a chest X-Ray.
Thanks to my father I figure it out to make it on the same day.

I panicked a bit, but my dad told me to stay calm, probably is just a technical mistake. I tried to think what he said to me, but…This doesn't help me too much. All night long, I remember, I stayed and looked on the walls, having the same question in my mind again and again and again: Why me?

Next day comes, and we go and take the results. I looked on them, but OF COURSE, I didn't understand ANYTHING. I felt in a fog.
In few hours we go and see again that doctor to interpret the results.

He was looking at the papers, he looked at me, and then back to the papers …

I felt as the earth swallowed me.

A sad and horror silence…

When suddenly he starts to talk: “You will die soon”.

That moment shocked me…I wanted to scream, but I lost my voice, I wanted to run, but my legs were stuck …
I looked at my father; he was white as snow. I felt as someone just gap a knife and chopped my heart.

After few moments, I started to wake up from my paralysis, and I asked him what I have and what to do.
With a cold voice and face he told me:
“A ventricle chamber is closed, and blood is not pumped by the heart as it should. As a result, if this chamber remains closed, in very short time it will affect the other inner organs and the death will come inevitable. ”

I looked at him, with tears in my eyes and all I could say was:

“Please help me!”


He gives some calls. Check something similar as a medical guide…he took a prescription paper and started to write different drugs name. He told me that I should take those, to try to keep under control my problem and then we will see each other in a month to see the results.

We left…

I remember we go home, I didn't want to talk anything with my dad, I just go to my room and started to cry.
It was so hard for me to believe that this is happening. I regretted the day I read that article in the magazine and told my father to check this.

Of course, I wasn't thinking clear, that's for sure, I started to be depressed, not to go to school anymore, to stay locked in my room for days.

But I wanted to give a try …

I started the treatment. It was anything but not easy. To take at 16 years old eight drugs per day, was a real pain. Not to say that my body was in growing process, and everything was messed up. My stomach started to hurt. Began to get nauseated, to vomit, and to have headaches more than this TO HAVE migraines.

All my life became a disaster.

And as this is not enough, I started gaining weight.

I want to mention that when I started this treatment, I had 114 pounds.

I tried not to focus on those things, because, let's be a realist, who doesn't know that drugs had and will ever have side effects. Even me as a kid I knew that.

But for me was more important to get rid of my major issue, ignoring all the rest.

My dad also told me that this is normal, so I chilled out.

Day after day was harder to keep up with the treatment, but thanks to my mom and dad did it.

After all, you know I was a kid. At 16 years old other children wants toys and books, I just wanted to LIVE.

Yes, you heard me right: TO BE ALIVE!

It was a depressive and harmful moment. I started to pray to GOD to escape me from this, as a kid, of course, I was promising to GOD that I will be a good child, an obedient one and not to upset my parents anymore.

I saw my parents hiding their tears; I saw my dad crying... MY DAD TO CRY? This is absurd; he was the most powerful and strongest man in the world.

And same question every time: What I did to deserve this?

After a month I go to the same doctor to see, to check the results of the treatment. I was weak and pale, not energy, not even my lips weren't colored as used to be.

I repeat it the same tests and awful news came then:
“You need to go urgently into surgery. Unfortunately here we don't have the equipment for this kind of surgery, but I will make a recommendation letter for one of the best-prepared hospitals out there.“

I started to cry, to scream, I jump on my father neck, I saw tears on his cheeks; he was shaking; my mom was in knee and crying. I was scared; I was AFRAID FOR MY LIFE.

Is hard to me now to show in words what I was feeling that moment …

The doctor takes me with force from my father arms, I felt, that that moment will be the last one when I will see my dad, my mom …
Why is life cruel? I was 16 years old, for God name …
All the treatments that I took don't make me any good; they just destroy the LAST HOPE that I had. I hated everything; that doctor was my biggest nightmare …

Why? Why? Why me?

The only thing I remember was the hard breath of my father, my eyes closing and the last image was my dad outstretched hand trying to keep me in his arms.
Believe me: This is a marking moment for a kid on my age.
I don't know what happen after, all I know is that I wake up in an intensive room with several tubs around me, and five peoples in white gowns.
I was scared, and I was yelling for my dad. The doctors calmed me and told me that everything is good and all the bad passed and that my parents will be with me in short…
Of course, again lies, because the bad didn't go for all, and of course other surgeries came.

But indeed the severe danger passed. Until 24 years old I made three surgeries BUT HEY, I WAS ALIVE this is all it matters.

Those surgeries weren't comfortable at all and also came with a lot of side effects.

But after all, those surgeries and treatments kept me alive, and I learned how to manage my wrong body function.

So here I am at 32 years old, sharing my story with all of you.

With the help of my parents, God bless them, slow but sure, I began to recover.
Of course, my parents also send me to a psychologist, because after all, all those years, those nightmare years, put a sign on me, and drama started to be my best friend.

Somehow those things helped me.But…What modification suffers my body… THERE are not enough words in a dictionary to explain my pains, my thoughts and the way I looked.

I was afraid to look in the mirror…

I was ashamed of my body…

I was ashamed of myself…

And for a girl, for a woman, but even for a man, is disgusting not to feel comfortable with you.
Earlier I mention you that my weight was 114 …but after all those years of pain and medications, my beautiful body become something you can't look on.

I gain 244 pounds in less than eight years. Years where all my foods were thy, years when soups and salads were my best friends. No junk food, not a lot of meat, no McDonalds, Subway or KFC.

So what the hell was happening with me?

Well, needless to say, I was forced again to go to hospitals and doctors.

I wasn't eating, but my weight still increase.

I remember it was in the summer of 2013 when I decided to see what in the Earth is happening with me, why I am in this situation right now?

I don't want to tell you, but at the moment I put my steps in the hospital and started to smell the classic smell of hospitals I began to tremble, I became pale, and I felt that the whole hospital spin with me. All my memories came to my mind as if all happened yesterday.

But I said to myself: you need to be strong. Karissa* now is the time!

Of course, the next steps were again exams, tests and all it needed.

Nobody could understand what is wrong with me.

Until one day, when my best friend Jenna told me about a nutritionist, a young one, but that is recognized worldwide, and that is in the top 10 of the best ones.

I said, let's do it. After all, what I have to lose?

I already look awful, and the entire world is against me …

I called him, and I made an appointment to his office. Because he was a busy person, he could make time for me only in 2 weeks.

This, of course, made me nervous and impatient …but I needed to wait.

And finally, that day come. I remember it was 7 in the morning when I knock on his cabinet door. When the door opens, I could see a tall, young man with a very friendly face, warm and welcoming.

I was looking at him and started to think: why I decided to go there? This man is not more than 25 years old so what should he knew, if doctors older than him with more experience couldn't give me a solution. Right at the moment I was thinking to start running, a warm voice told me:

“Please enter! I was expecting you. Please take a sit. Glad to meet you.”

That voice, his calm, maybe a sign from God, no idea what make me enter and to say:

“Yes of course. Thank you.”

I wanted to put on the bed and to let the doctor examine me. When I hear again that calm voice telling me:

“Please no. Let's have a talk first. We need to know each other better.”

Uh? Indeed this sounds strange at the beginning, but when we started to discuss and to hear his story, well, made perfect sense.

He was part of a low-income family from India. And after his parents die because of the unhealthy lifestyle they had, he decided to come to the USA and to study medicine. His dream was to be able to help everybody needs him and to share his knowledge with everybody that wants to listen to him, and to do for others what he couldn't do for his parents.

Sounds sad, but he figures it out to accomplish what he desire.

After I meet him better, I told him my story. He was confused and self-contradictory.

After he listens me careful he started to say to me:

“NONE medicine does not manage any disease in the world! You treat yourself to one and create two other diseases.”

I WAS IN SHOCK. How is this possible? For sure this doesn't have any sense.

He continued:

“No medicine in the world does treat any disease; it is an entirely wrong concept. Drugs help the body carry the disease but does not manage at all. For example, someone with hypertension takes medication all his life and in time must grow the drugs that they took last year because they no longer works, so he needs to start getting some drugs stronger. Why? Because the disease has evolved meanwhile, has advanced. The poor doctors have not learned to get rid of a disease because does not know to manage that disease. I refer to the biochemical. He knows only to help you control the disease, to help the body cope with the disease, but never heal the disease. The drugs have become so aggressive, and they have so many adverse effects so that you want to treat one, and you create other two diseases. And to neutralize the symptoms of the two diseases created you have to take other drugs, which create other conditions. And you walk into a chain, which is terribly complicated. Any condition always has two causes, never alone. Always, the second cause is stress and is the primary cause abnormalities in the structure in general.

Stress is half of everything illness and sometimes even more. Simple, as I said before, try to do what you have to do, not what you want to do. See what make you feel fulfilled, what you feel is best for you. Then you do not get stressed. The moment you enter into conflict with personality problems, pride, jealousy, greed, pettiness, dishonesty, and then these conflicts distort quality thinking and decisions are not the best. They worsen the quality of life.“

I remain speechless.

How is this permitted in a world where medicine is so evolving and why drugs that should help us, actually put us on the grave?

So all I heard and saw are lies?

At the end he told me:

“Try to eat organize, try to eat healthy - even if more of healthy foods right now aren't too healthy because of the preservatives and all chemical substances they have, try to eat regularly and keep your stress in low condition.

I just show you the only way for you to LOSE WEIGHT

I left…

Next day I started to search the internet, to check how other control this, how other obtain the dream body. I star checking universities studies, articles of known doctors, the famous ones. I saw several diets plans and decide to try some of them.

I was excited and the naive me believed: IT WILL BE EASY!


In my search I ENTERED on a forum where several peoples complain about the effect of drugs on their body, it seems unbelievable. So I wasn't the ONLY ONE!


Starting with men to women and kids. This is not right …

forum testimonial 1 forum testimonial 2 forum testimonial 3

As I said, I found a dozen of diets made especially for losing weight.

When it comes to dieting, few things are more important than discipline.

The strength of your discipline is often the difference between you reaching for that candy bar or throwing it in the trash. It's a powerful weapon in your weight loss armory.

I started with Mediterranean Diet. It sounds pretty good …but the result: A BIG FAIL and less money in pockets.

Let's face it: all those diets that make you lose weight look pretty easy! Especially with all those toned bodies walking the red carpet this awards season. But if shedding a few pounds is on your to-do list, don't be so quick to follow in the footsteps of your favorite celebs.

Then I tried PALEO DIET.

The Paleo Diet is high in protein and fat-and there's an emphasis on getting health-sustaining omega-3s into your diet from oily fish such as wild salmon, game meats, free-range chicken and grass-fed beef, all of which can be pricier than their farmed or conventionally raised counterparts. What's interesting about this diet is that its phases are the opposite of most other diets: they get more restrictive as you progress.

I FAILED HERE ALSO and became depressive.

Next, it was Dukan Diet. A real disappointment for me…

Key nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D from dairy and disease-fighting compounds from fruits and whole grains. Plus there's no mention of portion sizes. In fact, Dr. Dukan tells you to eat as much protein as you like. And ultimately to lose weight you need to eat fewer calories than what you burn. So actually, this diet isn't complete at all. Such ill effects? I started to destroy my stomach. Again and again the same: FAIL to lose weight.

I also tried: LOW-CARB DIETS

Some modern diets fall under the umbrella of carbohydrate-restricted diets and while the “Atkins Diet craze” isn't as widespread as it once was, it's still alive and well. Low-carb diets include The Zone diet, the South Beach Diet, Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, and probably the most famous, the Atkins Diet all advocate low-carb eating, with generous portions of protein and fat.

Also, because you eliminate many food groups when you go low-carb, you can develop nutrient deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals. You also might find yourself suffering from headaches and constipation, which are common complaints among people following low-carb diets.

All those keep me down few years and no results. All my immunity system was down on the ground, and I couldn't lose at least 2 pounds. And what is the worst in all this? Even I get rid of 1 pound in less than 48h it was back on me once I stopped the diet.

We're all attracted to the notion of quick weight loss. That's why the dieting industry is so large - marketers and entrepreneurs are getting rich off of people who are in desperate search of a quick fix.

But unfortunately, those quick diets don't work as we would like.

I remember it was a cold December day, actually with two weeks before Christmas when I called my father to check the plans for the holidays.

We talked for a while about the weather, about the Christmas plans and after that, I started to talk with him about all my fail challenges that I made in the last months. He listens to me carefully and then I heard on the phone a heavy sigh. He told me he heard on some of his patients about an easy plan to lose weight but he is confused if I should or not to follow that plan .When I listened to this, my voice become happier and impatient. I wanted to know what it is all about so I plan with him to go earlier home and to get out to coffee to discuss.

After three days, three long days, we finally meet.

It was so beautiful everything I remember …all those lights in the whole town, that holiday atmosphere, everybody with presents in their hands and with a big smile on their faces …It remembers me about my childhood, that day before I check with that doctor …That day before surgeries and treatments …That day where all my worries were about going out and play with my friends, to do homework and to help my mom in the kitchen. Those days were impossible become possible when I believed in me, and my parents were young …

I saw my father; his eyes were sad when he looked at me, his gray hair looks like he was carrying all the hardships of life…his face was full of regrets and wrinkles …he was changed …and remorseful towards me. He was feeling guilty for what it happens …he doesn't seem that has managed to overcome all things have occurred in the past with me.

Watching him was painful…

We decided to go to drink hot chocolate. I was curious about that diet he told me on the phone. Maybe is my last chance…

He started to say to me:

“I don't want you to make a lot of dreams. It is only what some patients told me; I know that this diet work, but what I am afraid is if it will work for you considering your situation.”

Tears appear in his eyes…

I took his hands in mines and looked in his eyes, and I said:

“Please tell me. I am desperate; I don't know what to do more. I cannot find my place in this world; I can't look in the mirror…plus I was never in loved because nobody looks on me …I want a family dad. I want someone to love me; I want a baby. Please, tell me, you are my last hope.”

Perhaps my words get to my dad's heart, so he started to tell me about this diet. It sounds different than all the other ones I tried already so a little hope appear in my heart.

“This diet is perfect for persons who have more than 20 kilos to lose but also for individuals who want to lose weight natural and healthy. This diet not only that will help you to lose weight but also will help you to change your metabolism.

An American sportsman creates this program and is about food combining for weight loss. During the years, this diet knew an outstanding success. The reason? It is very flexible, healthy and had good results on those who tried. There is no danger in it, and natural healers even recommend it.

This life changing diet is about detoxifying, food combining, metabolism changing, and healthy eating. If you follow this diet, you will not only lose weight; you can even radically change your metabolism so you can keep it off - no more yo-yo dieting - no more starving on lettuce leaves!

If you continue afterward following my tips for a healthier lifestyle, then you could still drop a couple of pounds a month but more importantly, if you incorporate some Super Foods in your diet, you could become the one you always wished to be.”

Then he gave me some papers with the entire diet, instruction and all the recipes but not before to tell me:

“Please try this with your best efforts, don't lose trust in GOD. I hope you to succeed. ”

And then I saw a little smile on his lips.

It makes me confident in myself.

I decided after the holidays to try this and to not let it until I see results.

In fact, when weighed me following New Year's Day…I saw I'd put on about eight extra lbs.

I started the diet.

In the first few days, I didn't saw any differences.

More than one time I thought about giving up.

But each time I was about to quit…

I remembered how awful I felt and remember my dad's words…

And with all of this pouring through my head…it quickly became apparent to me that giving up…or failing…simply wasn't an option…

So, I doubled-down…became obsessive in keeping this diet…

At that time, I weighed 252 pounds…

But five days into my health plan some interesting things started to happen…

I woke up that morning, January 5 with more energy than at any point in the last five years…

I mean I felt GOOD …my breathing was relaxed…I'd slept all through the night without waking up once…and I hopped out of bed ready to rock and take on the day.

But, even more importantly than all of that…

When I went to get on the scale, I was surprised to see that I weighed in at 246 pounds.

Still WAY too much for someone like me…

But it was a 6lb drop since when I'd first started using my easy weight plan five days ago…

And I thought "maybe there's something to this"…

Well, there sure was something to it…

Because from that point onward…things started to happen quickly:

By Day 12, I'd dropped 10 lbs…

By Day 19, I'd dropped 16 lbs…

By Day 27, I'd Dropped 22 lbs…

And by Day 30…I'd lost a total of 28 pounds.

PLUS, and here's one of the craziest parts…

Because I'd been using this weight program over the holiday season, I'd lost all of this weight while EATING almost regularly.

While having more energy every morning when I woke up, sleeping well through each night… being proudto watch in the mirror for the first time in years.

By the end of my second month on my dad's plan…I'd lost 58 lbs…

In other words, I'd gone from 252 to 194 in a matter of sixty days…
I called happy my father; he was crying for happiness …It was the first time in the last 14, 15 years when I started to believe that God exists, and he is looking on me right now…

It was the first time I felt ALIVE!!!

It quickly became apparent that what my dad gave me work…

This was when I made it my mission to start getting this plan to as many people as humanly possible. Because from my searches, I found out that in my condition were a lot of peoples. Drugs destroyed many lives and came with aggressive side effects that neither doctors don't know how to combat.

So I put everything I'd found together in a simple, easy-to-follow guide that anyone could use…

Had one of my dad's friends who's good with computers to help me make this site and video…

And that brings us to why we're here…

Because I know how much good will make to everybody, even if you are men or women or even a child, doesn't matter the age you have.Doesn't Matter why you gain weight. All it matter is to have faith in you and God.

I decided to call this saving life program:

Easy Weight Plan : The Proven Way to lose and maintain weight

Easy Weight Plan Get Your Copy

This diet isn't ordinary. This diet has helped me lose weight, and it changed my lifestyle only by incorporating the recommended recipes and “Super Foods” found in this diet.

After following it, my metabolism and my body did all the work for me, and I kept the new bodyweight.

It was the first diet ever that not only helped me lose weight but also helped me maintain the results I had been working for.

This life changing diet is about detoxifying, food combining, metabolism changing, and healthy eating. If you follow the Easy Weight Plan you will not only lose weight; you can radically change your metabolism so you can keep it off.

It's essential that your body receive correct food groups, each day.

The reason for this is that it is far easier for us humans to digest one food group at a time.

Also, the time frame is different as some foods can take long to be digested while others digested in just a few minutes. The acid in your stomach is there to digest your food.

How many times have you complained of discomfort after eating a big piece of fruit pie? The problem is that the fruit digests in minutes but the carbohydrates in the pastry need hours to be digested. So because the fruit can't pass through the intestine fast enough it putrefies and becomes toxic.

That's why this Diet Plan is coming with detailed recipes, full instructions to achieve your goal.

With this incredible diet plan I promise you:

No more stomach growling in late night.

No more hundreds of dollars spent on drugs.

No more exercise until you drop exhausted on the floor.

No more chemistry is altering your body.

And the best of all:

You can still eat your favorite dessert.

Let's take a look how a diet day will be.

A day from the diet

In fact, you can change all of this just adjusting your lifestyle.

Now you can eat anything. Meanwhile, you lose weight.

It is for sure almost unbelievable that you can lose weight without eating only lettuce or cereals, or drinking water lemon and without staring at your watch waiting for the lunch time…or the hour you can take a sneak.

And the worst thing of other diets is waking up in the morning and go jogging or go to gym…

Now let me be honest: You get a LOT of judgment from other people as a fat person, and that part sucks. People look at you. People make comments. Doctors and nurses even make comments…

Just imagine for a second how would you feel if you were slim…

Imagine looking in the mirror in just a few weeks from now and seeing a thin and happy person staring at you…

Imagine how much confidence you will have, especially knowing how much you dreamed for a thin body, and how much you sacrificed until now, and the result is just your worth!

Imagine how many things could you do…

  • Go to the beach without being embarrassment;
  • Go to the restaurant and eating anything from the menu;
  • Meet other people without feeling ashamed of how you look;
  • To fit comfortably in some chairs
  • Ride some roller coasters;
  • Buy clothes off the rack at some stores;
  • And the most important thing…You will have a lot of self-confidence doing all that.

Incredible as may seem I achieved all of these things just following the Easy Weight Plan, well…not quite all of that except the part with the roller coasters. I am not such a huge fan.

But what I achieved with the Easy Weight Plan has given me a new vision of life.

You already saw how a diet day looks. You won't need to spend too much time to cook, and there are common and cheap ingredients that can be easily found at a local grocery.

What do you say? Do you want to see what is inside of the Easy Weight Plan?

Easy Weight Plan Get Your Copy

As you probably already know it is a fact1 that one-third (34.9%) adults and about 17% of children and adolescents are obese (only in U.S.) and more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight (worldwide).

What should concern everyone is that this number is in a growing process every year.

Indeed there are a couple of drugs that promise to help people losing weight, but it works?

Losing weight can be incredibly challenging, but nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it and believe in your success. One of the reasons why people often fail at weight loss is that they don't set realistic goals.

The key to succeeding at weight loss in the long term is changing your entire lifestyle, but it's not as hard as it sounds.

Fat has become the look of choice, and it's as though the population has just surrendered to it. We have become slaves to destructive, unhealthy appetites and lifestyles, and it seems as though we are powerless or just unwilling to stop the deadly cycles.

As I said before, I tried a lot of methods, and all have failed me.

That's why I was determined to share the only thing that worked for me in my weight battle.

As soon as I managed to put my story online, results from other people that followed the Easy Weight Plan has started to appear.

I was so proud to see that this diet works for so many people around the entire world, not just for me, and I am determined to make this diet as known as possible.

Here are some pictures received from people that already tried this program:

Before and after pic1
Before and after pic2
Before and after pic3
Before and after pic4
Before and after pic5
Before and after pic6
Easy Weight Plan Get Your Copy

As soon as you get a copy of the Easy Weight Plan, You'll be able to view the lists, the guides, the instructions and everything else right from your computer, tablet or smartphone…

And you can also download everything or print out as many copies you want.

Tell me something…Did you find any warranty at all on the diets that you followed until now?


But I Want To Make This Deal For You…

Let me tell you this: by getting a copy of the Easy Weight Plan Besides all of the benefits presented before; I offer you this opportunity, 60 days all the money back guarantee.

So how this works?

So just to take all the pressure off your shoulders, I am throwing in my "60 Day Money Back Guarantee".

Just say "maybe" to this program and spend the next 60 days going through it and trying my unique combination of foods that help you get rid of extra weight. Watch those bumps and dimples vanishing with your own eyes.

You have 2 full months (which is more than it took me or any other to get rid of weight) to be satisfied with how smooth, tight and stunningly-sexy you body has become. And if you change your mind for any reason, just send me an email to the address provided on the next page, in the “member's area” and you'll get your money back ASAP. No questions, no hassle. It's that simple.

And there's more. You also get 12 months of unlimited email access to this program so you can ask me anything related to the EASY WEIGHT PLAN. I'll be there every step of the way.

Practically, I'm taking all the risk here so you can reap the rewards.


Plus, you are not alone during this diet.

And there is more… Always the best surprise is coming at the end. You won't get one copy; you will get TWO copies. One is to lose weight and the second one is to maintain the great results you accomplished.

So, go ahead and make the right decision

to change your life with the

Easy Weight Plan

*This is a pen name because the author wanted to remain anonymous for the public